PLANS to require proof of Covid-19 vaccination from clubbers later this year has had a mixed response from revellers.

The government allowed nightclubs and other venues to reopen at full capacity without masks or social distancing on Monday.

Prime minister Boris Johnson then announced later that day that from September, vaccine passports would be needed for people to be allowed inside clubs.

Adver readers voiced their views on the idea of being refused entry if they could not prove they had both doses of a coronavirus vaccine.

Richard Plumby said: “I think it’s a great idea that they should do, it might encourage more people to get vaccinated.”

Karen Bradfield said: “It should be a person’s choice whether they get vaccinated or not, and if they chose not to, they should not be punished.”

Kel Clarkson said: “I’ve had my vaccine because that’s my choice and I think it’s unfair to now penalise those who have made informed decisions not to.

“What about those who don’t have mobile phones? How do they prove they are vaccinated?”

Amy Jane said: “It’s disgusting, controlling, coercive behaviour.”

Emma Gregory said: “Two months for people to spread the virus in the meantime.”

Mary Clements said: “All the drunk, snogging random strangers in clubs are a brilliant breeding ground for Covid.”

Kirsty Viveash said: “If this is about controlling a virus and not people, surely it would be more logical to test people upon arrival?”

Tree in Old Town held a reopening party on Monday to celebrate the lack of restrictions while offering free masks to customers who wanted them and encouraging guests to keep at a sensible distance where possible.

Before opening the venue’s doors for the first time in 16 months, owner Alan Mok announced: “While restrictions are lifted, we are still encouraging our customers to practice Hands Face Space.

“We’d like to thank you for being so patient and we promise the wait will be worth it.

“Above all, have fun - dance the night away and respect others enjoying this historic night.”

Yesterday, the nightclub made another announcement: “A massive thank you to everyone who came and partied and supported us last night.

“Without you guys, we wouldn’t still be here and it means the world to us. We carry on this week, opening an extra night for you on Thursday.”

The Power Lounge on Bridge Street hosted its first indoor party on Monday after having to delay it from the original day restrictions were going to ease on June 21. Level 3 on Commercial Road held a free evening of live rock music, with more events planned on Friday and Saturday.