Travellers at Highworth Recreation Centre have been abusive to locals trying to use the facilities in the area and have 'trashed the place', it is claimed.

A local mum issued a warning to others in the area not to use Highworth Rec because of the way she, and her two children, had been treated when trying to use the playpark. 

Hana Margiotta-Dobb, 34, from Highworth said that her four-year old daughter had been assaulted and they were all verbally abused. 

"I went to the Highworth Rec park this morning with my four year-old daughter and baby.

"When we got there, we were verbally abused by the children from the traveller group. They hit my daughter, threw wood chipping at us and tried to take her scooter.

"They were eating breakfast and chucking the food around the park, the whole area has been trashed. One of the swings had something white chucked all over it.

"My daughter was so upset.

"We shouldn’t have to, but it’s best to stay away from the area whilst these people are hear because it’s not safe or pleasant."

The Highworth Recreation Centre leisure centre has also been forced to close following the arrival of the travellers, making the announcement on their Facebook page. 

Highworth Town Council has also issused a statement stating it was working with Swindon Borough Council and Wiltshire Police in relation to the group of travellers. 

The statement came after the council had to warn residents not to use local water troughs because they'd been contaminated with human excrement