CENTRAL Swindon South Parish Council has unveiled a new fence at the Shrivenham Road allotments.

The work follows complaints of anti-social behaviour and fly-tipping on the site and the fence provides much needed security for plot holders.

Coun Junab Ali said the £10k project will serve as a notice to the community.

“It’s our commitment and we care about the residents and their allotments land. When we didn’t have these barriers, people using the allotments didn’t feel safe.Their plots weren’t safe, sometimes parking their vehicle, they didn’t feel safe. Now we have put in the investment for the concerns of the residents and plot holders.

He added: “I think other parishes have woken up to our investment into allotments and they want to copy what we have done to make sure theirs are being used by their residents and not withering away.  

“People are now seeing that this is a nice, secure allotment.”