ADVER readers reacted to a momentous day in Swindon's history as Honda closes its doors for good.

Dave James said: "I'm positive about the future, never felt comfortable with all our eggs in one basket. It won’t be easy but I'm very optimistic about the development planned for the area."

Gail Sargeant added: "Well it’s not unexpected and they’ve had a far better payout than most people who made were redundant."

Matt Howard said: "As much as it was hard work, I loved it. I made some great friends and Honda helped me get where I am today. Definitely bittersweet."

Zoe Curtis said: "I'm excited - I’ll get my hubby back!"

Alison Martin added: "So very sad, end of an era,I remember my husband handing in his application and he worked there for 32 years and my son did for 11 years. Never thought I would see it close and I wish everyone the very best of luck in the future."

Nick Eagle said: "Hope all who worked there can find jobs if they need to. Honda was a great employer over the years and most have had a good redundancy pay off. So onward and upward!"

Teresa Murphy said: "This is a very stressful time for the workers and their families."

Karen Bee said: "A very sad day for the town and all the employees at Honda. It was such a great day when the site first opened, it bought so much to Swindon and gave it a great future.

"I felt very emotional for those who have worked there for 20 years now leaving the people who have become a second family. Best wishes to each and everyone of you."

Matthew Pearce said: "It’s devastating that such a huge employer has decided to move production out of the UK and back to Japan.

"Hopefully the highly skilled workforce will find new jobs. Swindon is still a major town for economic investment and growth."

Alison Dixon said: "It's a bit like when the railway works closed."

Fabian Da Cunha added: "Very emotional. The company which has given us so much will be no more in UK nor Swindon. Best of luck to all the associates of Honda and Honda Logistics and other contracting companies."

Nicci Primrose said: "It's a massive loss to so many and those of us who relied on Honda as a customer. Hoping that Swindon is sought out for new businesses wanting to root here so people get the chance to gain employment."