A group of travellers who have taken up residence on Dorcan Way have been told to move on by midday on Monday.

Around five caravans first appeared at around 2pm Friday afternoon and have been visited by borough councillors and the police. 

Councillors Bazil Solomon and Kevin Parry shared the following update on social media: "I have attended the group today with the assistance of Wiltshire Police.

"There are currently five caravans, and a number of vehicles including garden waste and tree services. The group have informed me that to their knowledge no further caravans will be arriving.

"Residents have reported to be fit and well and are aware of Covid requirements, all claiming they have received their jabs already.

"The group have informed me they have intentions on remaining in the area until August 10 as they have a funeral to attend.

"This has not been agreed as an acceptable period of time to remain in their current location and I have offered to direct the group to Chiseldon Firs Transit Site, while some of the group have refused, I have been requested to leave information so the group can discuss and return with an answer. I have today issued a trespass notice to vacate the area midday Monday, August 2.

"I can confirm this group are not linked to the previous group in Highworth.

"I have reminded the group of my concerns regarding fly-tipping – and my intentions on alerting our waste officers to monitor.

"I have provided heavy duty bin bags with the request to keep all waste/food/personal up together.

"The group will be monitored by Wiltshire Police over the weekend however there are no behaviour concerns expressed. The family were engaging and willing to discuss with SBC and Wiltshire Police officers."