A road in Eldene has been condemned as dangerous by a borough councillor.

Bazil Solomon, whose ward covers Eldene, says that the council has found the Eldene Drive and Thorne Road junction – resurfaced by Thames Water due to flooding – needed further work and that the authority would be working with the utility firm.

It's the second time the issue has been raised following previous repair work.

He said: “Residents have been raising the issue that the roads have been slippery, especially in the autumn or when it’s been raining.

“There have been reports of cars sliding into the kerb, people nearly coming off their bikes and cars skidding when braking over the last few years.

“What the council has come up with now is that they’ve checked it – they’d checked it in the past, but they’ve checked it again recently – and their findings are that the road needs to be improved.”

A Swindon Borough Council spokesperson said: “Unfortunately, recent repairs to the road following a water leak have failed due to defective materials.

“We are working with Thames Water to manage the issue and come up with a solution.

“The road is safe to use. If it posed a danger to the public we would have closed the road as soon as it was brought to our attention.”

A spokesperson from Thames Water confirmed that the firm had been contacted about the safety of the road.

“We were contacted by the council about the road. We’re arranging a meeting with them to establish the cause of the issues with the road surface and how they can be resolved.”

The road was repaired and resurfaced by Thames Water in June 2016 after a burst pipe caused damage.

Initial complaints about the new road surface being ‘more slippery’ than normal started in later that year.

Further complaints were made to the borough council about the road surface throughout 2017 with many near miss accidents reported, including a motorcyclist coming off his bike.

Then, in 2018, an inspector from highways tested the road and confirmed the surface was dangerous and needed to be redone.

At the time it was believed that this was Thames Water’s responsibility.

Thames Water has confirmed that it was contacted by the council about this in 2018, but it’s unclear why the road was not repaired at the time.

Locals heard nothing about the road until 2019 when the council did another inspection and stated the material used in the road surface was of a standard that they’d expect on that carriageway but also added it would do further tests.

There is no date for when any repairs will take place.