HUNDREDS of people enjoyed a day of live music and funfair rides as a new festival came to the Town Gardens.

Bands performed in the iconic Bowl while the historic bandstand hosted acoustic sets, excited children went on dodgems and other attractions while visitors browsed stalls full of gifts and snacks.

The My Dad's Bigger Than Your Dad festival raised money for Prospect Hospice in memory of The Victoria's former landlord Dave Young, who died in June.

Its unusual name is based on an inside joke between Dave and the bands he supported and played in during his time at the Old Town pub, many of which were in the festival's lineup.

Organiser Ed Dyer, from the Swindon Shuffle, said: "He used to be in several of the banks and helped along the rest as he was very good at bringing on younger bands, letting them cut their teeth and learn their trade.

"Dave was a super positive person who left an imprint on everybody and a big legacy."

"The festival went well, it was very busy and we had a great response from people. I'd like to thank everyone who gave their time and effort for free to make this happen.

"We're aiming to raise £10,000 but we might end up getting even more than that, which is amazing."

Inside the Town Bowl, energetic lead singers danced and belted out their back catalogue while bandmates rocked out and music boomed around the green.

Families and friends who had set up their own spots with blankets and chairs laughed, chatted, relaxed on the grass, and happily watched the performances.

Linda Woodward said: "It was just nice to be at an event like this again, to get together and be outside with the family, it was lovely.

"Well done to the organisers, it was very well-organised, and the bands were really good and there was a real mixture.

"It's always good to support a good cause like Prospect, which I donate to anyway because they help so many people."

Ed's mum Danese Rudd and step-dad Stephen enjoyed the show with the grandchildren, who had painted the colourful MDBTYD sign set up next to the Bowl.

Danese said: "There was a lovely atmosphere, it's a good charity to support, and there were not too many people to make it unpleasant.

"Ed's worked so hard on this, even during his holiday, and we're very pleased all that work paid off."

South Swindon Parish Council manages the Town Gardens and offered its full support to the festival, which had Covid-19 safety measures in place.