More than 400 people are calling for St Mary’s roundabout in Rodbourne Cheney to be put on Swindon Borough Council's list for urgent repair.

Will Stone started the petition and has now garnered more than enough signatures to spark a debate and vote in the authority’s full council meeting. This week he handed it in to one of Rodbourne Cheney’s ward councillors, Jim Grant, who is  Labour group leader.

Mr Stone is himself a member of the Labour Party, but he says the petition is not a party political issue.

He said: “I started this simply to try and get some action on the roundabout which has a really terrible surface.

“In fact when I was out collecting signatures at the roundabout some people said they weren’t Labour supporters and I said that didn’t matter and they signed. 

"That we got so many signatures from people whatever party they support shows it matters to a lot of people.”

Mr Stone, who lives in Olive Grove in Rodbourne, said the state of the road surface at the island at the junction of Akers Way, Beech Avenue and Vicarage Road, bordering Moredon, Cheney Manor and Pinehurst was causing real problems.

He said: “The surface is so rutted that its damaging people's cars but also the vibrations of vehicles – especially lorries – going round is causing damage to buildings and houses nearby. It’s something that needs sorting out.”

Coun Grant said: “This really isn’t a political issue. St Mary’s roundabout is the single biggest highways issue that both my fellow ward councillor Peter Watts and I get in our inbox.

“It’s something that really needs doing, we’ve heard from people who have had repairs costing hundreds of pounds to their car because of damage caused  using the roundabout.

“It’s frustrating because in the list for works coming up there are roads coming off the roundabout but not the roundabout surface itself. I hope councillors will support this call to get the road running round the roundabout itself added to the list for work to be done soon.”

The debate will probably be held at the council’s next full meeting on September 23. Mr Stone will be able to address the meeting for five minutes before councillors debate and vote on the matter.

Although Akers Way was resurfaced just a few years ago, the roundabout was not, and many agree it needs doing. 

One reader said: “I’ve given up all attempts at lane discipline through there. It’s just a case of finding the fewest craters.”