LAST week the Adver reported that The Parade car park in the town centre was to be knocked down.

Swindon Borough Council said the demolition is the first step in its ambitious £33m scheme to revamp Fleming Way.

Here's what you had to say about the news on social media:

Richard Head: "Can I suggest the next time there is a council election, you think about all these comments before you vote."

Colin Cleverley: "They knocked down a multi story car park a few years ago near the law courts and built another car park single storey, on the same site, they said its a temporary car park, its still there, to be fair they made a good job of this temporary car park."

Bob Leighfield: "The Bus Boulevard that nobody really wants to attract people to a boarded up town centre. Save Swindon!!! Remove Renard and click."

Marc Redstone: "Bet that's going to be delayed."

Tom Patrick Donovan: "As long as it's not any more poorly built houses."

Michael Berridge: "How about finishing all the jobs and roadworks already started before starting and cocking up another one."

Christine Ricks: "What's the use of revamping Swindon's town centre when there's bugger all in the town centre except 1small food shop, 1 cheap and 2 small well known clothes shops, 1small fabulous fish and chip shop, 1McDonald's, and 1 hardware shop but plenty of EMPTY premises.

"So how about revamping the whole of the town to give Swindonians something to be proud of."

"SHAME on Swindon council, our council tax is now paying for a GHOST TOWN."

Darren Smythe: "10 years from now it will still be wasted area, probably behind a painted hoarding depicting pretty old Swindon before the council knocked it down …!"

Mark Bleach: "They are a disgrace, they don’t seem to have a proper long term plan for the centre.

"No wonder we all travel to Bath, Bristol and Oxford to spend our money."

Alex Luckes: "Yay let’s waste more money."

Pat Sykes: "1) job centre, No jobs.

"2) No shops.

"3) Sorry yes there is shops, £1 shops, vape shops, mobile phone shops.

"The shops we have got in town not worth going in when there is more pleasant surroundings at the Orbital, Bristol & Bath."

Katie Brewer: "I moved to Swindon in 2003… thought it was being demolished then."

Thelma Watkins: "Where they do know long it is goimg to take anything like the road work."

Graham Randall: "As I always said this SBC are good at knocking things down or leaving them to rot, not so good at building things up though."

Maria Blake: "But if there’s no Town centre, why waste time and money on Fleming way?"

Ian Smith: "Turn it into accommodation for those on the streets it would be cheaper and better use as bus use is going down and people need to be given a chance when they live rough.

"No address, no job, this would give them an address and a chance."

John Baratt: "We have no Town Centre.

"Just boarded up shops and offices.

"Even the coffee houses are closing now.

"Soon the only thing left will be the New Zurich office and the Job Centre.

Marcus O'Doherty: "Oh good, more fancy empty office blocks to come then!"

Alan Hitchcock: "Used to eat my occasional chippy dinner in there, when I worked for the collector of taxes on the 3rd floor of the building next to it.

"Did not want to bring the smell in, and you could sit on a sort of platform where there was wasted space.

"Be about 1978, a long time ago, now!

"I parked my car in Broad Street environs to save paying for parking in that car park!

"Plus it was easier to get out, when going home."

Simone Nicole Rackham: "Swindon high street a very sad state of affairs.

"Very sad to see."

Glyn Bennett: "While they are at it, knock the rest of the town centre down and star again especially Debenhams."