DELAYED deliveries and missed mail are causing headaches for one Greenbridge woman.

Sarah Blackford has lived in a flat above the shops on Marlowe Avenue for four years and says she has had times when mail either turns up two weeks late – even when sent first class or next-day – and sometimes does not turn up at all.

The 28-year-old claims that things go back to normal for a few months after she makes a complaint but eventually the problems always return.

The latest issue led to her not receiving a credit card on time and worrying about how she would cover costs until it arrived.

She said: “It’s happened since I moved here and it’s just ridiculous. Forms I need to fill in and send back to by a certain date arrive after that date has come and gone, birthday cards sent to me well in advance arrive three weeks later, and now this credit card.

“The credit card company have confirmed it’s been sent and it should have been here more than a week ago. I really need it.

“My neighbours have had this problem before as well, it’s frustrating and disgusting.

“I made a complaint to Royal Mail and it was escalated when I flagged it as an urgent. A few days after that, they delivered the card and some other mail from the depot which I hadn’t received before.”

Searching her postcode on Google Maps sends you to a completely different address, though this may not not the main cause of the problem.

Postal workers need to press a buzzer to be let into the building to drop off letters and parcels, but this trades buzzer only works for a couple of hours each morning. 

Sarah is convinced that passing postal workers do not always bother buzzing or turn up too late and take the undelivered mail back to the depot.

In a video seen by the Adver, Sarah notices her postie checking the mail to be delivered for the entire block of flats, deciding not to buzz, then walking away. 

When confronted about this by her, the Royal Mail employee can be heard saying: “I only buzz if I know who I’ve got mail for or if there’s a parcel, because they’re not always in – sometimes they’re asleep. 

“If it’s junk mail, I’m not going to keep waking people up.”

After flicking through the envelopes, the worker then realises that there were two letters addressed to Sarah’s partner which had not been delivered, so she hands them to her.

The Adver approached the Royal Mail for comment. 

They investigated, told us there are no reported issues with the postcode and that deliveries are being made each day to the address.

When the Adver highlighted that an official complaint had been made and there is evidence to suggest that not all the mail is reaching the occupant, they agreed to look into this further.