Teenager Daaniyal Ali showed Channel 4’s Countdown presenter Anne Robinson some cheek when he told her she was too old to go clubbing with him.

The seventeen-year-old from Tadpole Garden Village first appeared on Thursday and beat four other adults to win four episodes, losing in his fifth appearance on the show yesterday.

In his first bout Anne asked him what he liked to do and he told her he liked going out clubbing. But when she asked if she could join him he responded bluntly, much to the amusement of the studio audience.

The presenter, along with colleagues Rachel Riley and Susie Dent were impressed with Daaniyal’s ability to remember what day of the week any date from the past was, and which notable figures may have been born on that specific day.

Appearing on the long-running puzzle programme was an ambition. He said: “I wanted to go on the show to see what it was really like in person.”

“I also wanted to meet the hosts on the show, I’d been to see Susie Dent at the Wyvern three years ago, which was great.”

“It was extraordinary, I thought I wouldn’t get a chance, but I did.”

Even though winning four episodes would be an achievement for many, Daaniyal was disappointed he didn’t get eight wins

“Eight would’ve been more of an achievement,” he said. “ I wanted to become an Octochamp.”

On Tuesday’s episode, he won with the whopping score of 121, but he was once again disappointed because it wasn’t anywhere close to the record high-score on Countdown of 146.

Whenhis winning streak finally ended on Wednesday, the first thing he did was go and see his mum backstage

“I wanted to cry and wanted a hug.” he said.

After living his dream of being on the show, his goal is to now get hold of all of the old episodes of Countdown that he’s missed and ultimately watch them all.

“I want to see all the old episodes, If I do that I will remain happy for the rest of my life.”

His delighted mum, Nausheen, said how proud she was to see her son appearing on television and doing well on the show, especially because he has autism and struggles with changes in routine and stressful situations.

“It was very nerve-wracking watching it live, I was sat on my chair trying to keep myself composed

"He struggles with his autism and anxiety but kept calm the whole way through. I’m really, really proud of him.