New research shows that Swindon Town is 24th out of 50 towns and cities in the UK for being able to find a rental property that's pet friendly.

All About Cats' 'Lets For Pet's research revealed that out of 373 total lets available in Swindon at the time, only 17 of them indicated that they were pet friendly.

This means that under 5% of properties in Swindon advertiser that say that they'll allow prospective renters to have pets.

A statement on the All About Cats website says: "We wanted to find out which towns and cities in the UK have the most renting options for pet owners.

"To find this out, we first gathered a list of the 50 most populous towns and cities in the UK outside of London from The Geographist, and also compiled a list of all 32 London boroughs.

We then used Zoopla and Spare Room to search for the number of available lets in each UK location.

"All of these sites have a filter that can be used to identify lets that accept pets, so we recorded the number of pet-friendly lets in each location as well."