New College photography students have been given the chance to showcase their work in The Town Gardens as part of Photo Swindon's latest exhibition.

Photo Swindon's 'Viewfinder' exhibition, which finishes on 20 October, features work from A-Level and BTEC pupils along with photographs from Brighton University and Gloucestershire University students.

It comes after the success of Photo Swindon's recent International Photography Festival which displayed works by acclaimed photographers Jason Florio, Martin Parr and Sanne De Wilde.

Founder and curator Jennifer Berry said: "We hope the platform provides an important step for students in their pursuit of photographic skills, in identifying and communicating their unique photographic voices, and offers experience of exhibiting their work.

"We also hope that they feel inspired to achieve purposeful work and to continue pursuing their dreams."

The chosen theme for the festival was 'In Sync - Nature of Togetherness', to highlight ways in which society has adapted and unified due to the pandemic. Inevitably, the student photographs for this latest exhibition bear a similar theme.

Berry added: "Reflecting on lockdown whilst planning the exhibition, it seemed everyone was guided to adhere to a new rules and ever changing norms.

"Isolated, socially distanced, our personal experiences of togetherness changed profoundly."

Lou Spence, course leader for A Level Photography at New College, said: "The images were made during what was a very difficult year in education, with online teaching and a high level of independence required of students to produce and submit work.

"The photography they produced naturally showcases their experiences of this period; a life in lockdown, attending college online, spending more time with family and less with friends, limited opportunities to travel, and - when we did - it was a summer of Staycations and exploring our local environments.

"When you are 16 going on 17, this has seemed like a really long time, a significant period within a highly transition time in your life."

Images from the last exhibition toured The Town Gardens, Queens Park and GWR Park between July and October.