The Merlin Way road leading to the roundabout to enter the A419 has been reopened over several weeks of closure.

The road was closed due to waterproofing works on the bridge that were taking place at the same time as the White Hart roundabout closure.

This meant that that motorists travelling from Wanborough/Covingham could no longer enter the A419 from Merlin Way and those travelling from Commonhead could no longer exit the A419 on the junction prior to the White Hart roundabout.

For the first few days this closure caused chaos as people could use the A419 exit onto Merlin Way, but were then forced to go round the roundabout and re-enter the A419 as their only option.

People started driving on verges, and moving cones to avoid re-entering the dual carriageway which eventually led to the whole road being closed.

Now the road has been reopened after the important works were completed a week ahead of schedule

The road is open to traffic looking to join the A419 from Merlin Way, but the A419 northbound off-slip from Commonhead will remain closed until the White Hart roundabout reconstruction works are complete.