OLD TOWN: Sewer maintenance works will stop vehicles from travelling on Prospect Place between house number 20 to 27.

Traffic will be diverted via Prospect Hill, Victoria Road, Union Street and North Street.

The order (reference STRDDD246) will come into force on November 12 and work will be carried out between 9.30am and 3.30pm.

BISHOPSTONE: Openreach will carry out works on the High Street which will close the road to traffic at the junction of The Wyncies.

Traffic will be diverted via Cues Lane and Hocker Bench. The order (reference STR000264) will come into force on November 15 and the works will last until November 26.

WALCOT: The right-hand turn from Queens Drive onto Whitbourne Avenue will be closed to vehicles while Thames Water carries out works.

Traffic will be diverted via Whitbourne Avenue, Shaftesbury Avenue, Marlowe Avenue, Drakes Way, and Queens Drive. The order (reference STR000268) will come into force on November 12 and work will be carried out between 8pm that evening and 6am on November 13.

TOWN CENTRE: Survey work will stop vehicles from travelling on Corporation Street between Whalebridge Junction and Manchester Road.

Traffic will be diverted via Fleming Way, County Road, Manchester Road and vice versa or via Princes Street, Fleming Way, Milford Street and Manchester Road.

The order (reference STR000280) will come into force on November 1 and it is expected that the works will take place from 8pm that evening until 5am on November 5.

For more information regarding any of the above orders, contact 01703 403040 quoting the relevant reference.

WICHELSTOWE: The construction of the Wichelstowe Roundabout will stop vehicles from travelling on Mill Lane between Foxham Way and B4005 Wharf Road.

Traffic will be diverted via B4005 Wharf Road, High Street, Devizes Road, Moormead Road, Swindon Road, Croft Road, Foxham Way and vice versa B4005 Hay Lane, Spittleborough Roundabout, A3102 Great Western Way, A3102 Wootten Bassett Road, A4289 Kingshill Road, A4289 Bath Road, A4259 Devizes Road, A4361 Croft Road, B4006 Black Horse Way, Foxham Way and vice versa. The order comes into force on October 25 and work will be carried out for up to three weeks. For further information, call 01793 403040 quoting reference STR000249.

PURTON: Venue Catering and Events Limited has applied for full variation of its existing premises licence at The Pear Tree.

The company wants to amend the existing approved layout as per plans filed with the responsible authorities, remove all existing licence conditions within Annex 2A (the converted conditions), incorporate a noise management plan, amend the commencement time for all licensable activities, and authorise the supply of alcohol for both on and off sales.

The wedding venue owners hope to have the provision of later night refreshment and regulated entertainment (live and recorded music) authorised by the borough council.

The copy of the application may be inspected at The Licensing Authority, Wiltshire Council, Public Health & Protection, Monkton Park, Chippenham, SN15 1ER, between 9am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays.

Please arrange an appointment on 01249 706555 to ensure an officer is available. It can also be viewed online at ww.wiltshire.gov.uk/licences-permits-new-premises-applications.

Any representations by a responsible authority, interested party or other persons must be made in writing by November 11 to the above address, or by email to publicprotectionnorth@wiltshire.gov.uk

It is an offence knowingly or recklessly to make a false statement in connection with an application punishable with a maximum fine of £5,000 on summary conviction.

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