A hydrogen-powered car supplied by a local car dealership takes centre stage at COP26 in Glasgow.

The Hyundai Nexo in the city's airport departures lounge was supplied by Pebley Beach and wrapped by another Swindon company - Smart Designs.

The car, which the Prime Minister recently drove, uses hydrogen to power an electric motor and fuel cells developed by another local company – Johnson Matthey.

It emits nothing more harmful than water and has an air purification system that cleans air as it drives.

"This will be an excellent opportunity to discuss hydrogen-powered motoring with policy-makers from around the world – including those from the UK," said Dominic Threlfall, Pebley Beach managing director.

"It is also a good opportunity to promote Swindon's place at the forefront of the UK's hydrogen revolution.

The United Nations Climate Change Conference runs from October 31 to November 12.