On Wednesday several talented young musicians from Swindon got to play in one of the most prestigious venues in the county - The Royal Albert Hall.

After completing their last rehearsal the night before, 37 young musicians who form an orchestra from the Swindon Young Musicians (SYM) travelled down the M4 to the capital.

They played and sang three pieces in the coveted Royal Albert Hall.

Lynn Hawkins, artistic director, said: "I am proud of the Swindon Young Musicians who have managed to keep their playing ensembles going throughout the lockdowns by doing online and back in person whenever they could."

Many of the young people performing were elated to be playing at the Royal Albert Hall and after the performance they were all overjoyed

Swindon Young Musicians is part of the Swindon Music Service which is based at The Platform on Faringdon Road, Swindon.