LONG-SUFFERING motorists have been assured the roadworks at Mead Way will end soon.

The key route in West Swindon has been shut since before the pandemic, with several missed deadlines infuriating neighbours and business owners in the area.

South Swindon MP Robert Buckland posted a video of himself and cabinet member for strategic infrastructure Gary Sumner on his Facebook page, which addressed a saga which has lasted 20 months.

Mr Buckland said: “I’m here at Mead Way in West Swindon with the lead cabinet member for strategic planning on the council Gary Sumner.

“A lot of residents and businesses have continued to express real concern to me about the need to get this scheme completed, this government funded scheme.” 

He then turned to Mr Sumner for an update on the works, with the Ridgeway ward councillor committing to the latest November finish date. 

“I can confirm that this scheme will reopen, this road will reopen, at the end of November,” he said.

“We are now working with the contractors and the final utility diversions have been complete and we’re now working on surfacing, curving and the final belt part of this project.”

He also explained why calls from the public to open up traffic through Westlea were rejected, citing safety reasons. 

Coun Sumner said: “We were asked to divert traffic and open up through the Westlea residential area. That would have been highly inappropriate and unsafe for residents and school children.

“But I’m very pleased that it’s completing soon and I also regret the inconvenience to residents deeply.” 

Mr Buckland said he had worked with the council to ensure the Mead Way work would finally be completed.

“We will continue to work closely together to make sure that this job is done,” he said. 

The £4m project began in March 2020 but it was badly affected by the first lockdown, difficulties with utility companies and unexpected cables in strange places. 

It missed three deadlines with autumn 2020, June 2021 and September 2021 dates all passing by without the work being finished. 

The scheme was originally scheduled to last 20 weeks.

In recent weeks the owner of Swindon Electrical Supplies and people living in Stonehill Green have told the Adver they feel cut-off.

The budget has been overspent by £550,000.