PART of Station Road will be closed and converted into a two-way cycle path in a bid to encourage more Swindonians to go on two wheels.

The eco-friendly transformation will be carried out early next year with cash from the government's Active Travel Fund.

The new path aims to improve the connection between the Western Flyer cycle route and the train station and will link to the new Fleming Way bus boulevard.

The scheme has been developed in partnership with businesses, bus companies, train companies, taxi drivers, neighbours, cycle groups and disability groups to make sure the new road is accessible to everyone no matter how they travel.

Part of the upgrade will include a switch to smart traffic lights and crossing systems to help offset any travel delays for motorists.

Work on the cycle-friendly scheme is planned to begin in late January and be finished in the spring, costing around £728,000 with £585,000 coming from the Active Travel Fund.

Specific details on any closures will be announced closer to the time.

Coun Gary Sumner said: “It’s great to see this project start to come to life. Not only will it improve cycle links in the Station Road area, but it will also enhance the road for pedestrians and drivers.

“We hope that the introduction of this new cycle lane will encourage more people to take up this form of transport and lower their own carbon footprint to help the town reach net zero emissions by 2050.”

It is hoped the new cycle lane will encourage more people to swap petrol-guzzling vehicles for a helmet and handlebars, reducing the reliance on cars in the area and improving air quality for the people who live there.

Swindon already has different cycling and walking routes that connect various areas of the town and are regularly used on a daily basis.

Dick Millard from Swindon Cycle Campaign said: “One of the greatest barriers for people who want to cycle is a feeling that it’s not safe for them on the roads.

“Having this scheme, which separates cyclists from other road users, is a great idea and we hope it will help people wanting to cycle to or from the rail station. Although the scheme is a relatively small one, it uses modern design rules.

“We hope there will be many more such schemes in the future, including along the proposed Fleming Way Bus Boulevard and along to the Heritage Action Zone in the Railway Village, which will begin to create a network of safe, accessible cycle paths across the town.”

Access cycling and walking maps as well as a journey planner through the ‘Be The Change’ webpages at and find out more ways to reduce their carbon footprint.