The long-running, almost two-year long saga of the Mead Way roadworks is set to finally be over when the road reopens tomorrow.

After a £5million investment, locals of West Swindon and motorists in the town have reacted to the news that beleaguered route will be finally be reopening after five previously missed completion deadlines.

Some people were elated by this news, others were refusing to believe it until it actually happened. Some were full of jokes and others were still angry about the delays.

Here's a round-up of some of the best responses to Swindon Borough Council's confirmation the road would be opening as planned.

Matt Wichall: "When does the investigation into the council and the contractor start?"

Dan Nash: "To be honest from driving at night I have seen a lot more workers down there compared to the last month, maybe got more people in from other projects that finished in Swindon on time!"

Jonathan Isaias Daumann: "£5 million? Now the company in charge for the roadwork should reimburse the companies around that have been affected by their delays."

Simon Batchelor: "Can anyone remember where the road actually goes? I suggest we don't risk it, could go anywhere."

Val Tullett: "Let’s see if the traffic flows, I personally don’t think it will, but more than happy to be proved wrong."

Phil Baker: "There will never be a proper enquiry. No Cabinet member has resigned as a result of being responsible for the whole series of roadwork disasters.

"Councillors with a conscience would have resigned over the damage being done to so many businesses.

"It is staggering to see that work on the Moonraker Project is still not completed."

Jonathan Zippo: "Give it a week and some contractors will dig it up to put in a phone cable or some other daft thing. Keeps happening! Nice new roads and paths that then get ruined."

Jamie Lucas: "Is it possible to see an exact break down of what the £5million was spent on?

"I don’t see £5million when I look at what’s been done. Surely there should be a way of seeing a breakdown."

AJ Taylor: "Need an opening ceremony for it, red ribbon being cut and everything it's been so long awaited."

Ben Ashley Francis: "Wow, since I moved to Delta Business park I haven't been able to use the main road in.

"This will save sitting in the right lane traffic at Mannington Roundabout."

Amj Cossie: "Some serious investigation is required to find out how did they manage to con tax payers £5m and take this long!They hardly did any work."

Aaron Culley VR: "I watched a fantastic video the other day where the Dutch built a whole bridge under a highway in a weekend."

Anthony Sharps: "'There will be some additional work that needs to be carried out,' this line sets the alarm bells off."

Lee Harrison: "Tell them we don't need it opening now. We've gone long enough and coped without it for this long."

Brian Macfarlane: "Let's not get too excited we've got a whole weekend plus a day to go yet . I noticed it said Tuesday, but no date or year."

Julia Slack: "Drove passed this morning and its looking good. My best Crimbo present would be compensation for my fuel as I live 400 yards from it."

Ali Burke: "I assumed they’d shut that bit of road for good! Can’t wait to see the improvements after all these years."

Robbie Hamilton: "Been so long most people have forgotten where that road leads too so won't bother using it now."

Chris Pullen: "And after all the delays and disruption caused all the council is doing is apologising, sorry just doesn't cut it.

"As for saying they will endeavour to make sure it never happens again, did they not say the same thing with the Bruce Street bridge fiasco? Do they think people's memories are that short?"