ROBERT Buckland says the listing of the Oasis dome should not be a 'deal breaker' when it comes to the future of the leisure centre.

Landlord Seven Capital said yesterday's announcement by Historic England that the iconic dome was here to stay under Grade II listed status had cast doubt over whether the facility would ever reopen.

The developer wanted to build a new leisure centre without the 1970s dome, which it says is inefficient and too expensive to heat.

Swindon Borough Council has also spoken of "constraints" caused by the dome's protected status, making it "more difficult" to reopen. 

But South Swindon MP Mr Buckland believes optimism is required.

Speaking in a video on his Facebook page he said: "The decision’s been made to list the dome of the Oasis as a Grade II listed structure, the rest of the building is not listed, which I think gives us much more opportunity than perhaps people realise.

"Whilst I think it’s important to work with developers to ensure that the iconic dome and the wet side is restored and brought back to public use. I don’t believe that this is somehow a deal-breaker.

"We need to have imagination, optimism and energy to make sure that our much-loved Oasis can reopen and be accessible to Swindon residents once again."