THE Oasis Leisure Centre's iconic dome becoming a listed structure split opinion among Adver readers.

Campaigners have long been hoping for this to happen but some Swindonians worried about Historic England's decision scuppering plans to renovate and reopen the facility.

The Grade II protection given to the enormous roof over the swimming pool stops landlord SevenCapital from pushing ahead with its current plan to knock down the 1970s dome and build a new area which would be more energy efficient and less costly to maintain.

Here's what you had to say...

Helena Bowie: "It's been a long 11 months for me, but worth it. Listed status opens up a numbers of money streams.

"Save Oasis Swindon have done a hell of a lot of work behind the scenes. We also have contact with a team of experts and companies."

Shaun Carpenter: "A blessing and a curse. No builder or investment company will touch it now and the council have no money."

Rebecca Mellor: "Don't want it listed. Just want it opened again."

Steve Goral: "Good luck finding the money to restore it now, it'll be ten times more expensive. All you've done is remove any incentive to restore it."

Marc Murray: "What a stupid thing to do, now we’re stuck with another building just like the Mechanics Institute."

Donna Rivers: "It's just gonna crumble and be another derelict building."

Belinda Chapman: "I appreciate everyone is annoyed about the listed status but nobody can complain on one hand that “old” buildings have been destroyed and then be annoyed that a 70’s building has been protected.

"All those “old buildings” were 50 years old once and it was forethought by a select few that give future generations some of our best historic buildings.

"Of course my children loved the facilities too, so fingers crossed they find a way for it to work as a leisure centre again."

George Harrison: "Usual suspects protesting for the sake of it and have now succeeded in lumbering the town with another white elephant. Knock it down and move with the times. Grim place."

Matty Warr: "Seems a lot more people are unhappy with this outcome than there are happy. Hopefully it will reopen with the pool as well.

"But sadly I can see it being left to rot as others have also said. I remember swimming here and playing football most days with mates on the AstroTurf pitches."

Steve Parks: "I grew up spending time in the Oasis and had some great memories. It's had its time. It's been neglected, and left to ruin, shame on the town council for that.

"Now its time to make amends move on and make way for some new memories with something up to date."

Matthew Pearce: "I’m so pleased this iconic and unique building on Swindon’s skyline has been saved for future generations.

"Now get that application in for Lottery funding to bring it back to life. Congratulations to the sterling work of all the volunteers at Save Oasis Swindon."

Mark Brown: "SevenCapital have already failed to deliver the much hyped snow dome so I find it hard to imagine their plans for the Oasis would have been anything but a pipe dream.

"It would probably have been demolished and used for housing anyway."

Radomir Falkowski: "People seems to ignore the fact that this building maybe used for others purposes - botanical garden, ice arena, cycling ring or cycling dome, mount climbing arena and many others.

"Just need a smart investor that's it, but where is the council?"

Beckie Paddington: "What's saved about it? Stopped a building in disrepair from being developed in to something more functional, fit for purpose and exciting."

Jim Robbins: "SevenCapital said they can still carry out refurbishment and reopen the Oasis if it is listed. This is a good decision for the town and its heritage. I'm looking forward to Seven Capital bringing forward new plans with the Dome intact at the heart of the Oasis."