Popular bargain brand B&M is selling the perfect Christmas present for cats in time for the festive period.

With a hanging egg chair and a cozy pillow for cats to curl up in you can grab it for just £55. 

The chair hangs only a few feet from the ground, making it easy for any pet to jump in and curl up. 

B&M shared the cat egg chair on their Facebook page, saying that the "rattan effect chair is in stores soon". 

The post received mixed reviews with some users suggesting it is 'pointless' and that cats would much prefer a sofa. 

Another user said they're not sure their feline pet would fit in the hanging chair and added that they "imagine it would be wrecked and pulled apart within a day".

Although there are some negative opinions towards the chair, many cat owners seem excited about the new chair. 

With one cat mum saying "that's Sausage sorted for Christmas!" adding that they may even add some twinkly lights to it. 

Expect to buy the hanging egg chair for cats at £55 soon from all B&M stores.