A SWINDON animal hospital has named its newest piece of medical equipment after a festive chart-topper.

A social media campaign inspired Eastcott Veterinary Referrals to christen its new piece of high-tech imaging kit 'MRI-ah Carey' after the famous singer of All I Want For Christmas is You.

As the song makes its annual climb back up the charts this December, the hospital team decided the name would be an appropriate tribute.

Other contenders included Scannie Lennox, Scandra Bullock and Princess Scan.

The 1.5T high-field MRI scanner was purchased as part of Eastcott’s major £3 million expansion, which saw the introduction of its own comprehensive neurology service.

Headed by leading clinicians Virginia Crespo and Alex Hamilton, the neurology service has grown considerably since its launch, allowing an increasing number of patients with brain, spinal cord and neuromuscular system conditions in the area, to be treated at the hospital.

These expert clinicians have used ‘MRI-ah Carey’ and the clinic’s CT scanner, as well as electromyography, to assess the function of pet patients’ nerves and muscles, and their cerebrospinal fluid analysis.

The launch of the neurology unit completed a multi-million-pound extension of Eastcott’s veterinary services, which sees it now boast an industry-leading dental suite, a purpose-built Emergency and Critical Care unit, seven operating theatres, a high-tech medicine investigation room and new fluoroscopy equipment.

Clinical director Duncan Barnes said: “The social media campaign was a fun exercise to engage with our followers and name an excellent new piece of equipment that has no doubt helped further boost the imaging facilities provided at here Eastcott.

“Our refurbished hospital and the addition of more high-quality equipment exemplifies our commitment to provide the best treatment to animals using the latest technology and equipment.

“The MRIah Carey is yet another milestone that is helping us deliver world-class animal healthcare.”

For more information, visit www.eastcottreferrals.co.uk or search Eastcott Veterinary Referrals on social media.