How long will we remember cruelty Arthur suffered?

I can understand and possibly accept that individuals can lose their temper for a split second and kill or hurt another person.

But what happened to six-year-old Arthur Labinjo -Hughes from Solihull was systematic cruelty

A six-year-old child moved from his mother due to her being imprisoned for manslaughter, to his father and stepmother to care for him, but how they treated little Arthur was a brutal cruelty campaign.

They segregated Arthur and made him stand for hours in the hallway and made him sleep on the floor they force fed him salt-laced meals and withheld water for him to drink

He was recorded begging for his Nan, in one recording he was heard saying please help me they are not feeding me I need some food and a drink

Arthur was a six-year-old who suffered terribly in his short life, and hopefully the people involved will be severely punished and spend the rest of their lives contemplating the evil of their crime.

For the rest of us, how long will the evil of this crime remain in our memory?

I hope and pray that this never happens again to a child

Mike Ringham

York Road

Murder upset the nation

The cruel murder of little six year old Arthur Hughes has upset the whole nation.

Somehow a thirty year prison sentence does not seem like a half strong enough punishment for such a terrible crime.

Britain has become a more violent place in recent years and it is partly due to the effect of the lockdown on the mental health of the country.

While it is true that the lockdown saved lives there has been a huge price to pay both economically and mentally for the nation.

If the mental health of the country has been permanently damaged then I believe the cost of the lockdown has been too high.

If another lockdown is forced upon the British public by the Omicron variant then the result could be a lot more domestic violence in Britain.

Steve Halden

Beaufort Green


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In defence of Covid jab rollout

I feel I must write in defence of the Covid vaccine rollout in Swindon. Numerous readers have sent correspondence regarding the unavailability of jabs in Swindon.

Let me put the other side of the argument. Bang on six months from our second jab my wife and I had a text from our GPs surgery, inviting us to book our booster.

We went online independently and were able to book a slot at Steam within five days. Just to make life even easier we were booked within 10 minutes of each other.

Whilst I appreciate not everyone has been as lucky as we were, but on the counter argument things are nowhere as black as others would have you believe.

Well done the NHS

Sam Smyth


Courtesy in roadworks

I came home this evening nearly in tears. I was touched by the kindness and courtesy shown to me and other drivers whilst negotiating the road works along Oxford Road and the White Hart Roundabout.

We in South Marston and surrounds have had to deal with such traffic disruption and diversions for the past few months and we are not finished yet.

So through your columns I should like if I may, to say a very big thank you to everyone showing such kindness during these works.

Louise Hill

South Marston

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