THERE are calls for optimism over the future of the Oasis Leisure Centre from one of the town's MPs.

The decision to grant the iconic dome Grade II listed status was celebrated by campaigners but prompted a word of warning from landlord SevenCapital, which says the facility may never reopen with the 1970s structure in place.

Swindon Borough Council has also said protected status means redeveloping the site will be "more difficult" but MP Robert Buckland argues the announcement does not have to be a "deal breaker", adding: "We need to have imagination, optimism and energy to make sure that our much-loved Oasis can reopen and be accessible to Swindon residents once again."

The issue has got the people of the town talking and here are a selection of the comments from the Adver's Facebook page and website...

Stan Pajak: "The wonderful dome is now a requirement and therefore it simply has to be part of the scheme."

Andrew Archer: "Being optimistic, Swindon’s regeneration will happen albeit literally over a generation. Realistically though, too many incompetent project management failures coupled with financial setbacks to have confidence in a coherent regeneration for the foreseeable."

David Foakes: "Good for an arboretum?"

Joe Allenden: "I might be missing something but doesn’t it cost millions to demolish remove and recycle the waste and build a new building on top? Why can’t those millions be invested into the pre existing building? Just a thought."

Richard Sandwell: "Disappointing as it was for the Oasis to close, its clear that this type of structure is just too expensive to continue. Those people who campaigned for listed status are they going to cover the costs to refurbish? A new leisure centre is desperately need to replace the Oasis, it’s unlikely to happen now for many years and how many children will now miss out swimming lessons and fun time."

Paul Head: "The town is dying. The Outlet is the only real thing going for the town. Stop wasting money and sort it out. A totally new and exciting cost-effective, radical design would have caused greater attraction to the town. Let’s start looking forward not backwards please."

Grahame Aston: "This sounds like the Mechanics' Instute or Locarno all over again. In 100 years the Oasis will be untouched and covered in moss."

'Swinetown': "Talk is cheap. What Buckland needs to do is get the groups involved together and get it sorted. I think we are all tired of nothing worthwhile getting done in Swindon now."

'Glassrose': "Get the hint from Facebook comments that there are more people against this than those who are for it. Those campaigners have no idea what they are doing."

'We can do better': "Robert if you can make difference that will be great but I suspect your mates in the council have given away a town asset for nought. Swimming pools never pay by themselves and need the sales from add-ons such as food to recoup the outlay. They do pay back through lives saved and this is priceless. Perhaps the problem can be transferred back to Swindon as it is clear SevenCapital have no appetite for what is needed."