Swindon runners say they have lost faith in The Race Organiser following the cancellation of the this year's half marathon and the ensuing dissatisfaction around the refund process.

This comes after many of them received emails to let them know that The Race Organiser had gone into administration and had been taken over by another company owned by the same director Craig Thornton - AAT Events.

They were informed that AAT Events would be upholding controversial 25% refunds previously offered to disappointed runners, as well as a credit note to run future races. But many say the whole experience has left a bad taste in their mouth and they won't be competing in next year's half marathon as long as it's run by the same people.

Darren Pettit said: "I've written the money off and moved on but won't touch any event they are involved in ever again."

Angelica Morrison said: "I've asked for 100% refund but been offered the 25%.

"I just need to summon the enthusiasm to register a chargeback under my credit card but I will avoid the Race Organiser and it's new incarnation at all costs."

But Craig Thornton has called for Swindon runners to give the company another chance after it has been unable to hold the event in the town for both 2020 and 2021.

"We do want to organise the event next year, and we've taken a lot of criticism for an event we've not been able to put on twice. We've not even got a start line put on the road which is heartbreaking."

"I only hope that people are willing to give us a chance next year. I understand that a lot of people were unhappy with the short-notice of the cancellation and the refunds afterwards but we did the best thing we could in the circumstances, we admit that in hindsight we could've done some things differently, and we certainly could've communicated better."

Craig further explained that the Swindon event fell right in an extremely difficult time with the company's ongoing financial woes coming to a head.

Things were further compounded when the traffic management company lined up had to pull out last-minute due to Covid, which is why the decision was made to cancel.

"In an ordinary year we'd have been able to offer the full refunds, but Covid had taken away about 60% of our revenue meaning that most races were being run at a loss," he added.

"The 25% refunds was the best we could do in the circumstances to try and keep future events running."

Anyone who is still waiting for a refund or a shirt and medal for running the virtual race is advised to contact hello@newswindonhalf.co.uk