AN OPPORTUNISTIC parcel thief struck at the same Nythe house two days in a row.

Liz Mawer had ordered a smartwatch and some plastic cable tubing ties, which arrived on December 1.

But within half an hour of being left they were pinched by a man on a bike.

“I work at the hospital and I was sitting in the staff room having a break when I saw notifications on my phone from my doorbell,” said the 39-year-old.

“I had a took and saw this man taking my package. He very quickly grabbed it and took off on his bike. I couldn’t believe it.”

Liz, of Darwin Close, was annoyed because she had asked for the package to be left with a neighbour if she was not in, but it was still left unattended in her doorway.

After speaking to Amazon, the company arranged for replacement products to be shipped out.

The replacement cable tubing ties arrived the following day but Liz was stunned to see the package was once again left on the doorstep and that the same thief turned up again.

“I sort of laughed when I saw it. I couldn’t believe it. Who goes to the same house to steal a package twice?”

“I hope he enjoys two lots of cable tubing ties,” she said.

Liz felt that the fact she was targeted two days in a row and so close to when the parcels were delivered was suspicious.

“It’s too much of a coincidence. Both times he turned up within half an hour of my package being delivered,” she said.

“I wonder if he’s noticing the van delivering in the area and is just following it.”

“I still have the replacement watch on the way so it’ll be really interesting to see what happens with that and whether or not he comes back,” she said.

Liz provided the police with the footage she had recorded on her doorbell.

A Wiltshire Police spokesperson said: “We would like to hear from anyone who recognises the person pictured in these images.

"We would like to talk to the person pictured in connection with the theft of parcels from the doorstep of a property in Darwin Close, Swindon.

“A package was taken from outside the property at about 12.30pm last Wednesday (December 1) by a person described as a white male, about 5ft 5in tall with short dark hair, slim build and wearing a camouflage light-brown jacket with black trousers.

"He was riding a distinctive bright orange bicycle.

“He returned the following day to take another parcel, at roughly the same time.

“If you recognise him or have any information that could help us identify the person in these CCTV images, please call 101."