Ant and Dec have once again had a dig at Boris Johnson on the latest episode of I'm A Celebrity.

During a skit on the show, the pair referenced the Christmas party that allegedly happened in at 10 Downing Street 2020 while the UK was under strict Covid restrictions.

Ant and Dec were talking about the latest Castle Coin Challenge, in which the celebrities missed out on getting letters from home. 

"If we've learned one thing in the last 24 hours, it's that you can't get away with covering things up," said Ant.

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"No, that will come back to bite them at some point," sneered Dec.

"It might take a year but it will happen."

"The situation was as clear as day we all watched the video of them getting the question wrong, it was obvious was happening.

"Even Ant and Dec are ahead of the Prime Minister...sorry...Danny Miller on this one," Dec said, referring to today's Prime Minister's Questions in which Keir Starmer mentioned Ant and Dec's jokes on I'm A Celebrity. 

Dec ended the live segment by saying: "Don't worry we'll launch an inquiry or something, like that'll do anything."