POLICE gave safety advice to drivers after a crash on a Swindon roundabout.

A Kawasaki motorcycle and a Nissan Duke collided on Peatmoor Way at around 5.30pm on December 22. An ambulance took the driver of the bike to hospital with minor injuries.

PC Sam Bridgeman, of the Swindon Community Policing Team, said: “It is important that everyone is ensuring they do all they can to keep safe on the roads.

“We would recommend, along with all the correct protective clothing, that motorbike riders wear some form of high visibility of reflective clothing to ensure you are not only visible to other road users, but also protecting yourself in the event of a collision.

“We ask that all road users are extra vigilant when looking for other vehicles on the road, especially in the dark or in wet conditions when visibility can be reduced.

“All motorists should also be checking their vehicles before heading out on any journey, but particularly long ones, that their vehicle is suitable for the road.

“This includes checking tyre tread, tyre pressure and all lighting equipment, such as head lights and brake lights, are in working order.

“With poor winter weather and dark lighting conditions this time of year, sufficient lighting is paramount. It is an offence if your lights are not in full working order and fines may be issued.

“Please can everyone ensure when travelling to see family this Christmas period that they remain courteous, cautious and competent whilst driving to ensure that everyone can arrive at their destination safely.”