A DANGEROUS driver from Swindon has been banned from the roads for one year and given a suspended prison sentence.

Aaron Thomas, of Bridge Street, drove dangerously along Linden Avenue in a Nissan Micra on September 26.

The 29-year-old pleaded guilty to the charges against him and was sentenced at Swindon Magistrates Court.

Due to the serious nature of his offences, he would be committed to prison for 20 weeks, though this sentence has been suspended for one year and will not activate unless he commits another crime.

Thomas must carry out 100 hours of unpaid work in the next year and 15 days of rehab activity requirements, as well as pay £128 to victim services.

He received no separate penalties for other offences, which included failing to stop the Nissan on Linden Avenue on September 26 after being required to do so by a police constable, and driving without a valid licence or insurance at the time.