EVERYBODY agrees that hooliganism and football-related violence is pathetic and needs eradicating from the game.

(Usually) grown men fighting over a game where 22 people kick a bag of air round a pitch for 90 minutes, it's pretty tragic.

And while the worst days of football hooliganism are well behind us, pockets still exist, and it reared its ugly head again earlier this season at Swindon Town's match against Braford City.

Earlier this week, Wiltshire Police announced ten people had been arrested over violent disorder after the match on October 23 at the County Ground, which the Bantams won 3-1, which saw missiles thrown at coaches transporting Bradford's away support home after the game.

Now, footage has emerged of some of the alleged disorder, comically showing three males who appear to be in their teens or baby-faced young men chasing after the bus.

One diminutive male, in jeans, Adidas trainers, a black coat with his hood up and wearing a face covering is seen throwing an object at a bus before holding his fingers up.

In the footage, taken by a Bantams supporter who uses the pseudonym Braysoj1, the City fans can be heard laughing and jeering the three males for their pathetic behaviour.

Two of the males give up their pointless, cringeworthy chase of the buses, but one wearing a grey hoodie, continues the chase, bizarrely seeming to square up to the bus as if offering a fight to the supporters laughing at his embarrassing attempts to be a hardman, before giving up his chase.

One fan on the bus can be heard to say: "They're not very happy these Swindon fans!"

When the video was uploaded to YouTube, one viewer, Yorkshire Dreamer, responded simply: "Embarrassing".

Steve Gorringe, a City fan who has barely missed a game for the past 28 years, called their behaviour "comical" and said it was "just young lads flexing their muscles and pretending to be hooligans", but acknowledged their actions could have had devastating consequences.

Wiltshire Police said 10 arrests have been made as part of the operation with more to come and said these yobs "ruin football for real fans".