A mum of four has recently reached the end of her tether after her landlords have refused to do anything to take care of a growing mould problem that is making her children sick.

Sanctuary Housing, which describes itself as one of the UK's leading social landlords, has said it is 'committed to resolving the issue' but Carly Wallbank says she's been told it will be fixed several times in the past and nothing has happened.

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Photos provided by Carly show rampaging black mould spreading through the house despite her efforts to clean it.

Adver readers have responded to Carly's story with their own horror houses and others have offered words of advice for the young mother. - Here's what they said.

Lindsay Wakefield said: "I myself have been having this problem in my house also. I have been keeping on top of the cleaning also bought an expensive dehumidifier, keeping windows open and hardly putting the heating on in the rooms with the problem and it seems to be coming back with a vengeance."

Rebecca Rose: "This is not a case of not cleaning at all! We have the same problem, the mould and damp is treated with a chemical spray at least twice a month. The mould and damp continues to come back.

"It is also not a ventilation issue, this excuse I tend to find is used a lot! And with young children, I would not want to constantly leave windows open certainly in this weather!

"This is an issue that continues to return and actually needs resolving completely by re-plastering walls and filling in cracks not just treating the damp!"

Em Newman: "I think it’s important this is sorted. When I was a kid I lived in Rosebery Street in Swindon. Off where the canal would of been.

"The house was rife with mould, the wall paper would not even stay on the wall. All these years later I have lung issues and my mum has interstitial lung disease.

"Mould can lead to serious long term problems. Just bleach is not enough. It’s not about just cleaning. The walls need to be treated and injected and dried out.

"It gets into everything. It’s gets into the carpet, the clothing the mattress , causes wheezing, coughing, skin conditions, red eyes, lung disease."

Kay Lyn Horsley: "I rented a place like that years ago and all the council told me was to not cook or wash clothes in the house and said to my landlord its ok, all my furniture was ruined and even the bed got damp. I remember the walls at night literally dripped with water"

Catt Kayser: "Never had any ongoing problems with mould. I simply just clean it. Treat it, seal it and keep the houses ventilated.

"Recent house I'm in we changed the floorboards and skirting because it had black mould. The smell was unbearable. Dried it all out. Now it's gone. Always got windows open and heating on."

Amy Louise Mcpherson: "My housing association came and cleaned the mould in my bathroom with some really strong smelling spray, but advised it will come back over time and to keep the bathroom ventilated as much as possible, difficult with no window in there.

"Mould doesn’t just appear over night. Keeping the rooms dry & ventilated can help."

Angela Sindy Reid: "Once cleaned, open windows and curtains regularly and put the heating on low to dry the whole place also check outside to make sure the gutter isn’t blocked and constantly dripping down the wall."

Sophie Hart: "This is awful. I lived in house like this in my renting days. And was told silly things like 'just live with it' when I was paying way more rent than my current mortgage.

When it's in the bathroom it's usually because someone some one has used the wrong paint or mixed up what should breath and what should be sealed."