ADVER readers called for more to be done to help homeless people in Swindon.

Our feature on the harsh reality of sleeping on the streets this winter included emotional conversations with rough sleepers who described abuse, crime - and the lack of options they feel are available.

A total of 31 homeless people were found around Swindon in December by homeless charity Threshold’s outreach team.

In the early hours, the team looks for those that might need help and have been sleeping rough the night before.

But they say the true number of people living in homeless in Swindon is likely higher. Some rough sleepers are up before 6am when the outreach team starts its route of the town, so they are not seen.

Swindon Borough Council has offered temporary accommodation as part of the Temporary Winter Housing Provision until March meaning more people do have a roof over their heads in the short term.

Here's what you had to say:

Colin Polonowski: "If we can't house 31 people who have lost everything there's something very wrong with Swindon."

Lucy Peel: "Maybe blame the small minded neighbours who object to anyone with a difficult past."

Lou Henley: "This shouldn't be like this. Someone has clearly gone and counted, something needs to be done, open up these empty buildings and get something done, stick together."

Clive Elliott: "At present, I'm living in Spain and want to come back to Swindon, but the council say seeing as I'm out of the country, they have nothing for me, I should rent a room, then they will look into it."

Jon Gunter: "That’s 31 too many."

Claire Shell: "And the rest! I'm sure there is more than that."

Melinda Thomas: "Not good enough."

Wellsteed Graphics: "I was homeless for three years, now I’m happy-ish."

Leanne Hurd: "What annoys me is in this day an age, no-one should be living on the streets.

"It says it all about the suitable accommodation on offer when the homeless decline it because their health and wellbeing is better when being homeless.

"Any ex-addict shouldn't be housed where there is open temptation day in day out.! Help the ones who want to change their lives.

"I'm not against helping migrants but I do think they should have last priority, sort our homeless out first.

"What does that say when a UK citizen can't get housed and has to live in a tent. It's just not fair."

Sheila James Mitchell: "This is shocking."

Chris Croucher: "It works where, if you're homeless, they can shelter you for three days, then it's first come first served, you can get a camp bed in a room with three or four other people. Keep that up for two or three years and you might get somewhere."