The battle over the future of Swindon Town has been delayed until March after its High Court hearing was adjourned today.

Just five days after The Robins’ big night as champions Manchester City came to town, the club appeared before court this morning after an application from American firm AC Sports Wiltshire, otherwise known as Able.

They claim a loan made under the reign of former owner Lee Power is outstanding and should be repaid. The amount was not mentioned at Wednesday’s hearing, but it is believed to be between £100,000 and £300,000.

But representing Swindon Town Football Company Ltd, the company behind the club, at the hearing, Jessica Powers said there was evidence that the loan agreement was varied and the money was repaid to a petitioner who attempted to purchase the club.

She claimed the case was brought with “improper motive”.

The case was adjourned for the first available date after March 9.

A winding up petition is usually a last-resort for creditors that are owed money used against companies that are insolvent and can't pay their debt. If the court sides with the creditors then that company is typically forced into liquidation.

Speaking before Christmas, Swindon Town CEO, Rob Angus, says that they are disputing the claim from Able that the money paid was a loan, which is why the dispute is going to court, but they could pay it if they were legally obligated to.

Mr Angus also offered reassurance to fans that they shouldn't be worried about this development because there are funds in place, although he did add that steps were being taken in case the club's bank accounts got frozen.

"No they shouldn’t be particularly concerned, the club has got more than sufficient funds in the bank account to pay the debt if the courts say that the club is required to do so,” he told BBC Radio Wiltshire. “It’s a bit of a headache and we could do without it, but people shouldn't worry.

"It has a technical impact if that makes sense, but Clem [Morfuni, the new owner] is making other funding available through his UK companies so we have fall-back positions if we needed them.

"But no-one should worry, key payments will be made and the club will continue through. We’ve got funding and funding mechanisms ready to go to make sure it doesn’t cause any issues for Swindon Town football club."