Swindon has been named among the UK's most relaxing cities, according to new research. 

PlumbNation has analysed a range of factors from the number of spas, dog-friendly spas, green spaces.

The researchers also compared the level of air pollution, population density and the number of swimming pools and yoga instructors.

Here's where Swindon ranked in the overall UK list - do you agree?

Swindon Advertiser: Two women doing yoga. Credit: CanvaTwo women doing yoga. Credit: Canva

Swindon ranked among UK's most relaxing cities

Swindon came in eighth place in the overall UK rankings with Edinburgh and Portsmouth completing the top ten.

It has 21 nearby spas and 9.42 dog-friendly spas within a 30-mile radius per 100,000 people.

The researchers also recorded 3.60 average green spaces within a 1,000-metre radius as according to Office for National Statistics' Ordnance Survey.

On Numbeo's pollution index, Swindon scores 46.55 out of 100 and there are 969 people per square kilometre.

With four nearby swimming pools and 218 yoga instructors, it scores a respectable 5.79 out of 10 relaxation score.

UK's most relaxing cities and towns

These are the UK's most relaxing cities and towns, according to Plumb Nation. 

Swindon Advertiser: The best places in the UK to chill out. Credit: PlumbNationThe best places in the UK to chill out. Credit: PlumbNation

  1. Norwich
  2. Luton
  3. Reading
  4. Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  5. Stoke-on-Trent
  6. Cardiff
  7. Brighton and Hove
  8. Swindon
  9. Edinburgh
  10. Portsmouth

See the full breakdown in scores and the rest of the rankings via the PlumNation website.