PCC needs a radical plan for policing

Police and crime commissioner Philip Wilkinson must think the Wiltshire taxpayer to be either gullible or stupid.

In his latest budget proposal he is following his predecessor by raising the police precept by the maximum allowed without calling for a public vote.

Mr Wilkinson is first and foremost a politician (he was elected as the Conservative candidate). As such we should not be surprised that he acts and speaks as a politician.

Equally, he should not be surprised when we challenge anything he says.

What is disappointing, but not surprising is that, like his predecessor, Mr Wilkinson is unwilling to present a radical programme for policing in the county, and then ask the public to back him in a referendum.

Des Morgan

Carraway Drive


MPs should speak up about No10 parties

Swindon's two MPs have failed us, their constituents, yet again. This time over the PM's now admitted party at No. 10.

So, while the rest of us were abiding by the very strict rules, regarding hospital visits, funerals and socialising etc at the time, our esteemed leader and his team were partying in his back garden.

However, sadly so far, not a word from Messers Buckland and Tomlinson, who both still seem to be hiding behind the wait for the findings from the 'enquiry' into various alleged (sic) government parties.

Can I please remind the voters of Swindon that Boris Johnson has gone from denying there were any parties to saying that if parties happened, no-one broke any rules to saying he didn't personally break any rules to admitting he attended a party to denying knowledge the party he attended (in his own back garden) was a party!

Also, can I please remind Boris Johnson (and our two MPs) that 268 people died of Covid-19 on 20 May 2020 - the day when more than 100 Downing Street staff were invited to that drinks party with him in his back garden.

Unbelievably, just five days after that gathering, Boris Johnson used a daily Coronavirus briefing to say that the police should intervene to stop outdoor gatherings!

You really couldn't make it up! He must resign, now!

Steve Cowdry

Saddleback Road


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