A new Swindon celebrity is being created as each episode of the Apprentice unfolds and the town's very own Kathryn Louise Burn gets closer to winning £250,000. 

People in Swindon have delighted in seeing someone from the town on television.

But the online pyjama store business owner who grew up in Liden and went to school at Dorcan Technology College (now Dorcan Academy) has told The Adver that she doesn't feel like a celebrity. 

“I don’t see myself like that, I’m so business focussed," she said.

"I went on purely for my business because I wanted to expand it, being a celebrity is not what I’m focussing on,

"It is weird that a lot of people are talking about me and the show though, especially as I went on there for investment.”

The 29-year-old added that she hasn't got to the point of being recognised on the street yet, but that everyone has been very lovely and supportive. 

“I haven't been stopped in the street, no, not really,

"I don’t think I look I do on TV, so I don’t think people would recognise me anyway, and I've been busy getting things ready for the launch of My Everyday Pyjamas, so I haven’t been out that much anyway.”

“It’s all very weird, it’s so funny. It's like living two different lives, my normal life where life goes on and I'm working, and then there’s this whole other life on social media with The Apprentice.”

"People have been very sweet, I've lots of lovely messages, people saying they're rooting for me or that I'm doing really well."

Kathryn is among the favourites to win the series after putting herself forward for project manager in the first episode and has made it until at least week three. 

Winning could very well elevate her to the same status of other Swindon celebs like Billie Piper, Diana Dors and former Apprentice star Nick Hewer.

She will be launching the expansion to her My Christmas Pyjamas business - My Everyday Pyjamas towards the end of Janaury or the beginning of February.