Lord Alan Sugar regularly gives his potential buisness partners a grilling on The Apprentice, but Swindon's own hopeful Kathryn Louise Burn has dished the dirt on what he's really like. 

"It can be quite nerve-wracking when you're doing tasks and Karen and Tim are watching you and Lord Sugar can be very direct. 

"But they're all lovely, very very nice people. It's important to remember that actually they're just normal people."

It wasn't just Lord Sugar and his aides that Kathryn spoke highly of though, as she revealed she had grown close to a lot of the other contestants during her time on the show. 

"Made some friends for life for sure. When you're doing a task or in the boardroom it can get heated, but when you're back at the house it was lovely.

"It was so nice to come back to every day because everyone was always theree and so supportive and really lovely.

"For me personally, it was also great to be around other like-minded people, very smart very successful people in their own rights who all have the same goals and think the same. .

"I think that element is a positive for anybody that goes on the show."

The Liden born-and-bred businesswoman is among the current favourites to win the £250,000 investment from the larger-than-life Lord Sugar.