British stand-up comedian, journalist and broadcaster Matt Chorley was on his way to the first gig of his new comedy tour when he had a sudden crisis of confidence. What if nobody enjoyed his show?

"I was on the train going to Epsom and I thought 'why am I putting myself through this?' And then as soon as I got onstage and the audience laughed, I thought 'this is why I'm doing it.'"

The 39-year-old is now in the middle of that your, and is bringing his new stand-up comedy show to the Swindon Arts Centre this Saturday, drawing upon the last 15 years he's spent in Westminster seeing up close how politics works, or doesn’t.

After the sell-out success of his first tour This Is Not Normal, the award-winning Times columnist and Times Radio presenter's new show explores who really calls the shots. Is the Prime Minister actually in charge, or at the mercy of the opposition, backbenchers, lobbyists, the media, spin doctors, his wife, or the Queen?

One thing he wanted to underline is that the emphasis of the show is very much on humour and entertaining the audience, with a little bit of education thrown in for good measure.

"It's not supposed to be an Open University talk. Politics is a bit like a soap opera. Imagine an American trying to work out what's going on in Coronation Street," he said.

"So I sort of say well, these are all the people and this is where they've come from. Did you know Foreign Secretary Liz Truss campaigned to end the monarchy as a student and was a Liberal Democrat?"

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