Marvel has announced the exclusive launch of its first-ever Marvel & The Prince’s Trust collection inspired by The Avengers. 

Disney created the collection working with aspiring designers aged 18-30 as part of a three-year mentoring partnership that hopes to help young people break into the world of fashion and product design.

The program started in 2021 and saw members take part in workshops that saw designers create two Marvel-inspired ranges. 

From clothing, apparel, accessories, stationery, and backpacks you can get the whole collection now via ShopDisney.

Disneys and Marvel's Prince's Trust Collection:

The Prince's Trust Avengers Varsity Jacket For Adults by Charlotte Ross:

Swindon Advertiser: Avengers Jacket. (ShopDisney)Avengers Jacket. (ShopDisney)

The Avengers Varsity Jacket features a fleece finish and an 'A' for Avengers designed by Charlotte Ross. 

The jacket is £55 and you can buy it now from ShopDisney. 

The Prince's Trust Marvel Avengers Backpack by Zahrah Sheikh

Swindon Advertiser: Avengers Backpack. (ShopDisney)Avengers Backpack. (ShopDisney)

The new sports backpack is gorgeous, with its dark blue colour, red features and it even has an extra secret pocket in the back.

You can get it now for £80 from ShopDisney.

The Prince's Trust Marvel Avengers Beanie by Zahrah Sheikh

Swindon Advertiser: Beanie. (ShopDisney)Beanie. (ShopDisney)

With homage to each Avenger from Black Panther to Iron Man, its the perfect beanie for any Marvel fan. 

You can buy it now for just £20 via ShopDisney.

Disney Store Avengers Pin Set by Joseph Orebiyi

Swindon Advertiser: Avengers pin set. (ShopDisney)Avengers pin set. (ShopDisney)

If you're a proud pin collector then this is a must with 10 pins in the set including Captian Marvel and The Falcon. 

You can get the set now for £50 via ShopDisney.

Princes Trust Leather Journal and Pen by Aisha Qureshi

Swindon Advertiser: Avengers notebook. (ShopDisney)Avengers notebook. (ShopDisney)

For stationary fans, you can get the ultimate Marvel Avengers leather notebook that even comes with its own 'A' pouch. 

It also comes with a fountain pen and will make you stand no matter room you are in. 

Buy it now for £40 via ShopDisney.

The Prince's Trust Black Panther Tank Top For Adults by Aaron Asante

Swindon Advertiser: Black Panther Top. (ShopDisney)Black Panther Top. (ShopDisney)

This new top is a must for Black Panther fans, with the iconic purple and Wakanda-themed patterns. 

You can buy the shirt now for £30 via ShopDisney. 

To see the full collection head over to ShopDisney now.