A community reeling from a motorcycle crash which cost two men their lives have called for action on a 30mph road they say is used as 'a race track'.

People living in Stratton and the surrounding area say Ermin Street is a danger zone for motorists and pedestrians - and point to a series of incidents in recent years, culminating in the tragedy on the evening of Mother's Day.

Stratton St Margaret Parish Council's upcoming planning and highways meeting will give them the chance to air their fears. It includes Ermin Street on its agenda, with two residents writing about the road's problems. 

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Rebecca O'Neill brought up what she says is the frequent issue of motorists speeding down the fairly long and straight residential road - claiming many people ignore the speed limit. 

"People use this road as a race track, all times of the day," she wrote.

"I know the road is 30mph but the majority are not abiding by this rule. Surely more than a sign is in order? I know that a lot off residents on this street and Grange Drive are concerned and want something doing about it as we’ve all had enough."

Another resident, John Francis, added that some of the junctions coming off Ermin Street present real risk - highlighting Hobley Drive in particular. 

"I write to you in the hope that you can suggest the installation of traffic lights to the council, as there is a blind spot into Hobley Drive from Ermin Street," he wrote.

"You can only see a short distance up the road, due to the curvature and only aware of fast oncoming traffic at the last minute."

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The Adver asked people in Stratton to share their thoughts and many raised the issues of speeding, parked cars on the road and junctions where oncoming traffic is difficult to see - as well as the ongoing roadworks in the area - as contributing factors. 

It comes after the bike crash that saw two men in their 30s, Shane Whitson and another unnamed man - the motorcyclist and pillion passenger - lose their lives on Mother's Day last month.

In 2020, there were two instances of cars hitting stationary objects - a bollard and a wall.

In the following year there were two crashes involving two moving vehicles, two instances of parked cars being hit and two children - a 12 year-old girl and a 10-year-old boy - being hit by a car. 

The Mother's Day tragedy last month was preceded by a crash involving two vehicles in February.

Ermin Street will be discussed at the meeting at 7pm on April 13 at Meadowcroft Centre.

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