SIGNS warning drivers that work on the controversial Fleming Way bus boulevard will start later this month prompted debate among Adver readers.

Some laid bets on whether the work would be completed within the 104 weeks displayed on the notice, pointing to overrunning roadworks elsewhere in the town.

The project, which has secured £25m of government funding, is set to result in a bus interchange, a crossing that will replace the subway near H&M and new cycle and pedestrian routes.

Here's what some readers had to say...

Andrew Little: "Well you can double that time scale for a start. All this disruption for something the majority of people don't want.

"A new Hospital would be so much more useful, than a silly Bus Boulevard, which a lot of people won't even use."

Christos Flouris: "A bus boulevard for £25m at a street that already has bus lane and actually is one of the least congested streets in Swindon even at peak times."

James Hunt: "For context, the M6 Toll (a six lane, 27 mile motorway) took three years."

Robert Weyman: "Ahhh look at all the expert Civil Engineers here, this is more than just a resurface job its a Major overhaul of the road system and like everything else outside is subject to weather conditions."

Adam Twine: " Building a motorway isn't just laying tarmac. everything in Swindon takes ages."

Premchandra Chhetri: "The present bus terminal is a disgrace. Can't even have a decent pee."

Daniel Adams: "Indeed. Its awful. A real eyesore for people arriving in town.

"Will be good to see the work done. The new layout for the junction allowing cars to go straight on rather than turning left will be a big improvement alone."

Vivien A Boundey: "They really need to finish the roadworks that they started before doing more."

Kevin Hale: "So a perfectly good pedestrian underpass is being replaced with a crossing.

"Perfect a underpass that doesn't affect traffic flow being replaced with a crossing that will restrict traffic flow and cause tailbacks and be more dangerous to pedestrians. Well done."

Zak Scrivens: "Two years? So just double it and add a year for good measure. It'll be done in five!"

Lynn Sugden: "No more town shopping for me, I will be walking to Sainsbury’s and Greenbridge from now on."

Rosalyn Goward: "Get more contractors to do the job then it would not take two years and if it is like that new bit on Fleming way which is not attractive at all just paving that took forever, forget it."

Sam Ruck: "Probably about 200 years."