Our report warning drivers to expect fines for misusing yellow box junctions got drivers deep into debate about enforcement.

Councils in England are being given the chance to dish out financial penalties for moving traffic offences like going the wrong way down a one-way street, making illegal turns or blocking yellow boxes at junctions.

They will have to apply to the Department for Transport for the power and if they are successful they can start issuing fines from June 1

Drivers could find themselves having to fork out £130 for misusing a yellow box - £65 if they pay within 14 days.

Here's what people said...

Dan Smee: "I drive a coach for a living! It is a large vehicle. Sometimes I have to block the yellow box or I would end up having to sit there all day and not move!"

Angela Sindy Reid: "That’s always been the rule not to block the yellow box. Unless I’ve been doing it wrong the last 30 years."

Sally Clark: "The junction at the traffic lights from Penhill Drive onto Cricklade Road is/has been blocked on the yellow box by the vehicles on Cricklade Road for years.

"It's been one of my biggest annoyances as it prevents people getting out of the estate.

"The Highway Code, to be fair, has been ignored more and more over the years."

Debs Rayner: "Always winds me up when people block that box! remember the TV ad back in late 70s early 80s."

Derek Rutland: "You will have fun with the buses in towns as most block the yellow boxes. In most towns if you do not go in to the boxes you will not go anywhere and just sit and sit till when you can move.

"It’s like the new rules on bikes as some people ride in the middle of the road so you cannot get past them at all.

"And the one you must let people cross the road at junctions is a mess too as in London people stopped all traffic moving on one morning just by walk across the road all the time just to show they can now and drivers have to wait for them to cross.

"The council will need to spend lots of money repainting all the yellow boxes in the twos so to make lots of money from drivers. One thing they have not said is will they be using the traffic cameras to fine people or will they fit new cameras to do it."

Annamarie Read: "Nothing will become of it just look at the middle lane hoggers it still the same now after they bought the law in years ago.there is not enough police to monitor it it's a joke."

Mark Thomas: "The Highway Code also states that you must not drive in a built up area (basic anywhere with street lights) with your fog lights on.

"This is ignored by both police and most road users, especially at night. I had a ‘discussion’ with a police officer the other night pointing out he can’t choose which rule to enforce. It’s all of them or none of them."

Kiddle Ruth: "Swindon drivers need to be aware where these boxes are. There is one done Mead way outside of fire Station."

Gina Victoria Ayres: "Not enough traffic cops out there to police the roads out there!

"There's some appalling driving out there and yes it has always been the case you do not stop in the yellow box."