A SWINDON MP has won an award for campaigning on behalf of man's best friend.

Anne Snelgrove has been named as the Kennel Club's MP of the Year after teaming up with the charity in a bid to fight dog control orders in the town.

The South Swindon MP has also fought against proposals to introduce electric shock collars as a means of controlling dogs.

Mrs Snelgrove said: "Animal welfare is extremely important to me and I work with a range of organisations.

"Animal lovers and campaigners in Swindon often write to encourage and support the work I am doing and that gives me a great deal of satisfaction.

"It's so nice to see a well-trained dog enjoying a run in one of Swindon's parks."

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club secretary, said Mrs Snelgrove had been recognised for her work with the group on the Animal Welfare Bill.

She said: "The Kennel Club runs a national group to safeguard the rights of dog owners, but it is our local supporters who make the difference between success and failure.

"They know the area and they know the local issues. Anne Snelgrove has been recognised for her efforts championing the rights of responsible dog owners both in her constituency and at Westminster.

"The Kennel Club very much encourages other MPs to follow Anne's example."

Swindon Council announced plans to introduce dog control orders last summer.

Under the plans, owners would be required to keep their dogs on leads at all times in some of the town's parks.

The proposed orders, which are due to go before Swindon Council's cabinet in the coming months, will only affect people who give dog owners a bad name as they underline what most sensible, responsible dog owners do already.