There was a lot of excitement when it was revealed that American fast-food chain Taco Bell was coming to Swindon.

But initial reviews have not been so encouraging.

Taco Bell moved into the old Game store on Regent Street and opened to the public for delivery and walk-in on December 28 last year.

The restaurant has amassed a number of reviews on Google, with 156 people offering their comments.

Swindon Advertiser:

So we decided to check it out to see whether the rating was deserve.

On Saturday over the Easter weekend I popped in and ordered myself some food. (I'd been trying to order on delivery for a while but could never seem to catch them when they were actually delivering).

I ordered a Quesadilla Box, which is an effectively all-in-one meal that comes with a variety of items on offer at the restaurant.

In it was a crunchy beef taco, a chicken and cheese quesadilla, mexican-style fries, churros and a drink.

This came to a total of £7, which is actually a pretty decent value for the amount of food that you get.

I ordered on the self-service screen and had the food about ten minutes later, so the service was pretty good.

The food itself was a mixed bag, it was all warm and properly cooked, which a lot of people who had delivered had complained about, however, the beef taco was tasty but too small, the chicken and cheese quesadilla was relatively simple and fine and the fries were great.

The churros, on the other hand, were a massive disappointment. They were rock-hard, relatively flavourless and a bad end to what was a fairly enjoyable meal.

Swindon Advertiser:

Overall, I thought the food was reasonable for the cost, but I can definitely see how people are reviewing it badly though. Had my meal have been cold, for example, it would've been horrible.