A MOTORIST frustrated by ongoing roadworks in the town has caused a chuckle with a tongue-in-cheek sign at one of Swindon's traffic hotspots.

The sign appeared on Tuesday at the top of Paddington Drive near the Meads Roundabout.

Drivers using the junction faced traffic chaos in Bridgemead last week, which resulted in cars queuing along Paddington Drive.

Swindon Advertiser:

Motorists then struggled to leave Sainsbury's car park because of the congestion.

Now it appears one motorist has had enough with a makeshift sign appearing which said: “Sorry about the cones, but we can’t be a***** to fix the road properly.

“Love Swindon Borough Council.”

One driver complained to the Adver that no workmen could be seen sorting out the hole in the road which had made the lane closure necessary.

Swindon Advertiser:

He added: "Not one workman has been seen and the worst we can see is a small fist-sized hole in the road.

"We wouldn't mind cones if they actually had workers on site doing something but there's been a week of traffic chaos and no action at all.

"Someone needs to provide answers as there are more road cones across Swindon than there are motorists."

A council spokesman told the Adver last week: “The lane at Paddington Drive was closed to keep road users safe from a manhole on the verge of collapse.

“Investigations reveal there could be a bigger hole underneath, despite a small hole being seen on the road, which could be very dangerous to drivers and cyclists.

“These works will require excavation which will be happening next week after the bank holiday.

“We appreciate road users’ patience as we carry out this essential work to make the road safe.”