SWINDON-BORN celebrity Nick Hewer made a public dig at a former Countdown colleague after the popular daytime show's host quit.

Anne Robinson has decided to step down from the top job in the long-running TV brain-tickler on Channel 4 because she wants to spend more time with her family.

Anne replaced Nick as host in June 2021 after he presented Countdown for almost a decade, and though he has not commented publicly on his successor's newly-announced departure, he did Tweet a sly remark at Dictionary Corner legend Susie Dent.

Rumours have swirled about possible tension on-set between Anne and her co-hosts, with some reported claims that Susie and maths whiz Rachel Riley are 'relieved' the former Weakest Link presenter is leaving after just one year in her new role.

However, Susie appeared to dismiss any assumptions of ill will by sending a congratulatory message to Anne to "wish her the best" as she moved on to pastures new.

She wrote on Twitter: 'Some Countdown news. Wishing Anne all the very best in her new adventures with her grandchildren and beyond."

Nick Hewer then quote-tweeted his former colleague's kind words and implicitly accused her of sucking up to Anne.

He said: "Well that's a sure fire certainty for Private Eye's OBN [Order of the Brown Nose] award. Bravo Susie!"

A new host for Countdown has not yet been announced.