A brave Swindon bus driver who gave first aid to a stabbing victim following an alleged machete attack has received the Chief Constable’s Award.

Amy Howells, 34 was awarded the prize by Wiltshire Police's top cop Kier Pritchard for her outstanding bravery following the horrific incident last summer.

In August, a teenager was left seriously injured after allegedly being stabbed by a group of blade-wielding thugs in Eldene.

In an interview with the Adver before the ceremony, Amy recalled the moment when she leapt into action.

Amy said: “I saw the attack happen from the camera on my bus.

“It was utter disbelief as to what was going on, everybody was in slow motion and running away.

“But I could hear some screams as I had witnessed the whole attack to the point where from my bus, I could see them attacking with the machete.”

As a bus driver, Amy had first aid training and medical training from a previous job as a carer.

Craig - who was at the gym nearby - came to help Amy as they battled to save the teenager’s life.

Swindon Advertiser:

“I ran over to the lad who was on the floor bleeding out and between me and one of the guys from the gym, our priority was to keep him alive until the medical help could get there.

“I’ve never seen someone hacked out like that, I’ll never forget the screams,” Amy added.

Speaking after collecting the Chief Constable’s Award on May 6, Amy said: “To know that myself and Craig had been recognised for our actions was massively humbling that somebody else thought that we’ve been brave, that we’ve been rushed into action as well.

“We didn’t think twice about what we were doing on the day.”

Amy spoke of the impact of the incident on her friends and family.

“They didn’t understand the timing of the events or what we had actually done," she said.

“They are so proud of us especially my husband and my children as much as they don’t want me to put myself in danger they know exactly why I did it and they know that I would do it again within a heartbeat."

An 18-year-old man and a 17-year-old boy were detained on suspicion of attempted murder while a 19-year-old woman and a 48-year-old woman were arrested on suspicion of assisting an offender.

The investigation continues.