Trolley good idea

I walk a dog twice a week for an elderly lady who lives on the Meads in Eldene.

I’m appalled at the number of shopping trolleys that are dumped all over the estate. I have counted as many as 23 during one walk.

Some even have then stashed outside the front doors of the houses as to suggest it’s there own personal trolley.

This large supermarket on Dorcan way should send a team out around this estate and retrieve them.

They need fitting with the device some supermarkets use so that if they are taken out of the car park the wheels lock. Due to this people have no shopping trolleys to use in the store. It’s not good enough.

Steven Blanchard

Woodstock road


Roadworks a joke

I can’t believe yet I should yet another delay one month on from the last statement about this Asbestos pipe. Once again lies about what’s going to be done & when.

This is now quite a joke people are so fed up with the Roadworks or lack of work on the site?

Malcolm Lyons

Ex SSE Streetworks

Love your nurses

On 12 May, International Nurses’ Day, we mark the contribution that our nursing workforce makes to society.

As we continue to work through incredibly challenging times the day is particularly important for us and many of us will take a moment to reflect on the impact nursing staff have had on the health of the nation throughout the pandemic.

Providing safe and effective care to patients remains the overriding priority for nursing staff, whether in hospitals, the community or care homes.

As the pandemic continues to impact health services, nursing staff have shown their commitment to tackling the backlog and giving the best care they can despite the challenges of low staffing levels and high service demand.

To mark this year’s Nurses’ Day, the Royal College of Nursing is calling on the public to share their stories about the best of nursing.

We’d love readers to share their own experiences of good nursing care. Share your stories on social media or with your local newspaper.

Help us share stories about how nursing makes a difference.

If you’d like to share your story on social media, please use #BestOfNursing and #NursesDay and tag us @RCNSouthWest.

You can also send us your messages directly for us to share – email

Finally, I’d like to thank the public for your continued patience when accessing health care systems.

nursing staff appreciate the kindness of people’s understanding as we try our best to give the care people need in difficult circumstances.

Jeanette Jones

Board Chair

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